Diversity 和 Inclusion

A welcoming, 支持, 和 inclusive community

At the heart of our Edmundite Catholic mission is a belief that experiencing new perspectives, 文化, traditions 和 ideas helps us become fuller, more compassionate people. As a Catholic higher education institution with a social justice mission, we are called to be even more intentionally inclusive, celebrating the complexity 和 individuality that each person brings to our community. Each of us at Saint Michael’s carries an obligation to ensure all students, 教职员工 encounter a welcoming, 支持, 和 inclusive environment.

Building a culture of inclusion is an ongoing 和 evolving journey. We are continually striving to ensure our processes, policies 和 behaviors support 和 encour年龄 diversity, meeting the needs of all individuals, especially those from historically underrepresented 和 marginalized groups. Saint Michael’s College’s vision of inclusion 和 diversity emb比赛s not only racial 和 ethnic identities, 还有性别, 年龄, 宗教, 语言, ability/disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, 服兵役, 地理起源, 和 first-generation/multi-generation college experiences.

Looking for resources to learn more about racial justice? 点击这里


Our students are active in a number of organizations focused on the unique interests 和 issues of particular groups:

共同点 is a GSA (Gender 和 Sexuality Alliance) that seeks to provide a safe space on the Saint Michael’s campus for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. We work with both students 和工作人员 members to promote education, awareness, 和 student advocacy. 共同点 also sponsors various events on campus such as speakers, performance artists, 和 movie nights in addition to working with off-campus organizations.

Diversity Coalition’s primary goal is to encour年龄 open dialogue, educational opportunity 和 the chance to celebrate diversity in all human culture 和 experience. 的 Diversity Coalition serves to educate 和 promote awareness of issues such as gender, 比赛, 宗教 和 ethnicity.

灵魂的社会 is an interracial group dedicated to promoting the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by hosting 和 sponsoring programs, lectures 和 workshops, including the annual Martin Luther King 召开.

Diversity 和 Inclusion Communities

的 school has two centers dedicated to issues of diversity 和 inclusion: 的 Center for Student Diversity, 赋权, 和 社区 (DEC) 和 的 Center for Women 和 Gender. Both provide support, education 和 awareness, special events 和 a welcoming space for students, 教师, 和工作人员.


Saint Michael's College celebrated its 28th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. 召开, an event dedicated to educating the community based on Dr. King's ideals, from January 20th through January 24th, 2020.

的 Center for Student Diversity, 赋权, 和 社区 (DEC)

的 Center for Student Diversity, 赋权, 和 社区 (DEC) reflects our commitment to a campus 和 a world that values every human being, 和 supports 和 celebrates each person's uniqueness, experiences 和 contributions.

Center for Women 和 Gender

的 mission of the Center for Women 和 Gender at Saint Michael's College is to promote awareness 和 activism around women's 和 gender equity issues by educating students, 教职员工. We also support individuals by providing them with resources 和 referrals.